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Israel Moto Adventures was established out of love for nature in general and for Enduro riding in particular. The company deals with the renting of Enduro bikes as well as dual-use motorcycles (with high capacity on both off-road and paved surfaces), leading and instructing motorcycle trips in Israel, with the emphasis on Enduro trips, the reinforcing and teaching of riding techniques by a qualified teacher, renting of protective riding equipment, motorcycle transport etc.

We promise to provide you with a perfect and unforgettable Enduro experience.

We know enduro courses in Israel

Have you dreamt about riding through landscapes and deserts from time immemorial? Have you imagined oases, deep crevices and endless sand dunes as far as the eye can see? Can you see Jerusalem beyond the mountains? You imagine riding the deserts of Israel!

The weather in Israel allows for motorcycle riding all year round. Winter in Israel resembles the European or American fall and is the perfect season for trips in the desert, with average temperatures of 15 – 24 degrees Celsius from October to April.

During the summer we ride in the central and northern parts of the country, average temperatures ranging from 23 to above 30, refreshing ourselves at our unexpected springs. We will let you in on the secret that our night rides in the desert under the full moon during the summer months are extraordinary…

With decades of experience of all kinds of trips (treks, 4X4s and, of course, motorcycles), we have an unchallenged knowledge of the beauty of Israel, to its length and breadth. We have hiked, travelled and ridden to every corner of our wonderful country. We know its most beautiful trails, its extraordinary landscapes, its perfect bike trails, its springs, its observation points and its hidden beauty. There is no other place on earth where you can ride in the snow on Sunday and dip into the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on the face of the earth, on Monday. There is no other place on earth where you can ride in the endless desert of immemorial time on one day and ride on shaded and wooded bike trails the next.

This is the Israel we know and offer to share with you. These are experiences that will remain with you forever.


Our motorcycles allow riding both off-road and on paved surfaces. You will be able to combine wonderful mountain biking at any level of difficulty you choose with riding the beautiful roads in Israel.

We offer the perfect vacation package

We will plan the perfect package just for you. During your visit to Israel, you will be able to combine Enduro riding - from only one day to many - while visiting the most amazing and holy tourist sites in the world, which only Israel can offer.

Israeli Enduro, combining Jerusalem, Masada, the Western Wall, Nazareth and Capernaum? Of course it's possible! And we are here to organize it for you.

We offer to collect you from the airport, accompany you during your entire stay in Israel and bring you back to the airport safe and sound, till next time….

You are free to choose

Riding a motorcycle is the symbol of freedom, so we leave the choice in your hands as to how to enjoy your vacation. You can rent a bike from us and go on your way, wherever you'd like to go, with friends, or you can join us and take advantage of our experience, let go and enjoy the Enduro trip at the level and tempo of your choice.

Our bikes allow you to enjoy yourself, combining mountain biking and riding paved roads – the best of both worlds.

You can take the bike from us, engage and take off on your own. On the other hand, you can reach us by car – one that has a towbar (towing hook) for a trailer for transporting a motorcycle, take the bike and leave. Another option would be to have our staff meet you with the bike ready to use anywhere you choose.

There are also several options for returning the equipment; whatever works for you. You can ride the bike back to us, return the trailer and bike or ask us to meet you at the end of your trip. The possibilities are varied, according to our mutual agreement.

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