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Terms of Use of DNA Adventures Ltd.

  1. This site and all its contents are under the ownership of DNA Adventures Ltd. (the “Company”) which deals in the hiring out of motorbikes, bicycles and accompanying gear (the “Product”) and operates the internet site ISRAEL MOTO ADVENTURES, at the following addresses: www.isrmoto.co.il Or www.isrmoto.com
  2. Any order for a Product through the website constitutes a declaration and consent by the buyer that he/she has read and understood and/or been given an opportunity to read the conditions of these conditions and that he/she agrees to the specified terms and conditions.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, wherever the masculine has been used it shall impute the feminine and vice versa.
  4. The Company management reserves the right for itself to alter these conditions at its sole discretion.
  5. All the intellectual property rights in the website, the domain and the contents of the site belong to the Company and are its sole property.
  6. The terms of use on the website are subject to the lease contract and all of its appendixes and the terms and conditions of the order, and shall not derogate from the lease agreement signed and/or which shall be signed by the customer, including its appendices.
  7. In any event if a conflict or discrepancy between these terms of use and that stipulated in the provisions of the lease contract, the provisions of the lease contract shall take precedence.
  8. The use of the website and the contents offered on it are presented ‘as-is’. All the information and the data contained in the site, including information about the motor bikes and/or bicycles offered through the site, are current and correct only for the indicated date or the date indicated alongside them.
  9. Unless stated otherwise in the order form and/or the lease contract, the pictures of the motor bikes and the bicycles appearing on the site are only for the sake of illustration and shall not bind the Company to supply the Customer with the motor bike of the sort and model appearing in the picture.
  10. The Company management is not responsible for the content of the advertisements and banners and links appearing on this site for other sites and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information appearing in the other sites and the Company shall not bear any liability regarding the information appearing on the other sites.
  11. The Company may, at its sole discretion, prevent a user from using the site, including the blocking of the user.
  12. If factors and/or events which are not under the control of the Company, delay and/or prevent the fulfillment of the sale of Products and/or the services, of any kind and sort, fully or partially, and in any way and/or prevent the supply of the Products advertised on the site at stipulated times and/or [are harmed due to] faults in the computing and/or telephone systems and/or any other factor related to the completion of the purchase process and/or due to hostile actions and/or any other factor of force majeure preventing and/or harming the process for the purchase of the Products, then the Company shall not be liable towards the customer [other than for the] return of the amounts paid by the customer, if any.
  13. Should the user use the credit card details of any third party, the use of the aforementioned credit card is with the full consent and knowledge of the registered holder of the credit card, and that the user will exclusively bear full liability and will indemnify the Company immediately for any claim and/or demand of the credit card holders or any third party in connection with the use of the user of the said credit card.
  14. An order will be deemed to be approved by the Company only after the sending of the approval of the purchase details to the e.mail address provided by the customer at the time of the order. An order which has not been approved as detailed in this section, will not be binding on the Company.
  15. The user hereby undertakes that all the details which he has entered during the course of executing the purchase will be correct, accurate, current and complete. The submitting of false details is a criminal offense and anyone acting in such a manner may expect criminal and civil legal proceedings in accordance with the law.
  16. The user may cancel the order in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 5771 - 2010, under the following conditions:

    Within 14 days from the date of the execution of the order and within 2 working days (in Israel) prior to the date of the delivery of the motor bike.

    By notice to the email address at: sales@isrmoto.com or by fax to number: 08-6581050 or by telephone call: 058-7073025In the case of cancelation which is made in accordance with the above said conditions, the Company may charge the customer for cancelation fees at the rate of 5% of the order price or 100 NIS according to the lower of the two.

  17. In the case of cancellation which is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 19, the Company shall be entitled to charge the customer for the full amount of the order.
  18. The details which shall be provided by the user when suing the site and any other information produced on the basis of the analysis of these details and any information about the user which have reached and/or shall come to the attention of the Company following the use of the site (jointly: the “Users Details”), will be subject to the privacy policy of the Company and will be kept in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law in Israel.
  19. The Company shall not incur any financial damages of any kind and sort for the website users in connection with the use of the site and/or its contents.
  20. It is agreed that the competent court in the Haifa District in Israel shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction regarding the provisions of the terms of use, their interpretation and implementation. The User will not be entitled to file a claim against the Company in any court outside of Israel and/or outside of the competent court in the Haifa District and by signing on this agreement the customer confirms that should such a claim be filed, it will be transferred to one of the courts in the Haifa district.
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